The Universe

Like never before do I feel the universe taking care of me today. I have known that this is how life works, but today I FEEL this power for the first time! Maybe because I am finally giving in to it…



The feminist movement over the past decades has brought across the impression that modern women have to think and act like men in order to be worth something. I don’t have children, I am actually in the middle of working life and trying to get my second documentary film financed and finished, BUT: I don’t want to do it the “male way”. I do not spend 14 hours a day now pushing for that. I actually love looking at the sun, the falling leaves… at things around me and being grateful for how wonderful the world is. I believe nurturing our surroundings and realizing what’s going on around us is a true “female quality”. To focus on things is a rather “male quality”. The beautiful thing is that everyone has both parts in themselves, as we know. You can call it, balancing your yin and […]