The first part of these stories Within the Flow of Life are from the trip to Latin America end of October 2010 until May 2011, when my feature documentary “Within the Flow of Life” was realized. In the fall of 2014 WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE celebrated the end of it’s 1 1/2 year film tour with a week of presentations in Chile.

The Blog Salida documents the development of my present documentary film project, which started with a sailing voyage from Portugal to Brazil. It will keep me a few more years. Not all places and people will make it into the film. Here they get room nevertheless. People that add a lot in developing the story and places, where it brought and will continue to bring me me during the course of research and later on during shooting.

On Being shares stories, thoughts and impression from every-day life. This is especially about exchange with other people and bloggers, about mutual inspiration and encouragement.

Mom on the road is my latest adventure, which won’t come to an end that quickly. Here I share experiences as a mom to be – sometimes further away, sometimes just around home.